My First Week with the Master Keys, Master Mind Alliance

WHAT a week! I truly did not expect this week to show the results that it did. I figured that I would read material and things might change just a little, but instead I found consistently, every single day,there was evidence to confirm that I truly made a change in my life. It was subtle in appearance. So subtle that it may be one would have allowed its appearance to pass them by unnoticed. So, let me elaborate a little.

I am addicted to an app called Periscope (my handle is @aliciabozza) and I would randomly pick a “channel” to listen to and whomever was speaking had a message to give that was in complete alignment with the Master Keys or Think & Grow Rich or my very own Definite Major Purpose. I am grateful that I was given the consciousness to recognize the signs. I will have to admit they were little signs, but to me it meant a whole lot to have them consistently show themselves to me, especially since they were there every single day of the week, reminding me that I now had a sort of team working for me on my side. I am also grateful that the words that I have been reading consistently for the past week have stuck with me so strongly, that it has been successfully able to knock out my old habits when they attempted to creep back into my mind. Reading and absorbing the material enabled me to SLAM the door in the face of my old thinking. What a success! That alone is a transformation in itself. Honestly. I have also been led to situations that have brought value, by being in the “right place at the right time!” I got the chance to promote myself and my group on a very popular broadcaster on Periscope that brought me a great deal of adulation from my group. I hit a milestone in that group as well. I even got to my daughter’s Marching Band with time to spare, due to a “technical difficulty”. It has been a fun week and I truly look forward to what this week has to bring! Keep watch with me and see how the story unfolds!! xo

All the best,



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