Week 2 with the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

WOW. What a week it has been.

Some may have thought that the continual reminders of the Master Keys might end, but NOPE!

Every day there is some kind of sign that continues to appear daily sometimes once, sometimes several times a day! It could be something as simple as catching the time at 5:19, my birthday, or 3:33 or 11:11.

Every DAY there is a sign showing the encouragement of the love that is coming from our creator.

I have been playing a game that I have started called the $1000 Day Experiment and I have the goal of spending money everyday, starting with $1000 on day one, $2000 on day 2, etc. On the 10th day, I had a goal of paying off a Mercedes that I “purchased”, so I went to the Mercedes Dealership and went to go sit in a car. A 2016 GL 450. JUST GORGEOUS. Only one problem. I only allotted 40,000 for the purchase of the car. The price of that car? Over $60,000. SO have some replanning to do. Of course I want that car!!  It is just what I have always dreamed of. Next week, I will make sure I am there to actually drive the car!!  So much fun. I have to say that I was a little overcome with fear on my way to the dealership. “who are you to drive a Mercedes? Just go to Trader Joe’s! You don’t really even have time to go to the dealership, the kids are coming home from school”… and on and on. Of course I was at a point on the highway where I could have gone to Trader Joe’s and got home when I was “supposed to”. Instead I put my foot on the gas and continued on. It was a lot of fun and I am glad that I took the time to put myself in the car of my dreams. Needless to say, the car salesman was not too happy about my experiment, but he will just have to get over it. He just needs to know that I will be back from that car. It may not be tomorrow, but it will be mine. He will just have to wait and see for himself.

In the meanwhile, here is a PeriScope Video to commemorate my visit to the dealership.





4 thoughts on “Week 2 with the Master Keys Mastermind Alliance

  1. Claes Wallenberg (@MKMMAClaes)

    Just LOVE that periscope from the dealership, the look on that car sales mans face is nothing short of awesome!
    So proud of You for going in there and being upfront with not buying that day and giving him some social media exposure at the same time as You vitalize Your DMP.

    You totally ROCK!!!

    Mahalo, I appreciate You // Claes



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