It’s Week 3 with the Master Key.


That would be a great word to describe what I am living right now.



: to change into a gel : to change into a thick substance that is like jelly

: to become clear and definite

: to style (hair) with gel

Emphasis on the bold print, mine, since that is the version that best suits me.

It is amazing to observe how the Universe is unfolding before me.

When I take the time to sit, or some may say, meditate, I am blessed with every-day revelations that act as bread crumbs to lead the way, keeping me on the right path of success, love, happiness and prosperity.

I would like to share some passages with you that have come to me in my sit time.

The first one has to do with relationships;

You have moved on forward from some old relationships…these relationships are passing experiences of your life….a reflection on how you handled your world within. Do not be fooled- holding onto these relationships would only tether you to the old reflection from within. Rejoice! You are moving forward- be excited! Greater relationships are forming which will reflect your nearly found truth. This must occur since you have now changed your choice of thoughts.  Moving forward is only good, only positive, although it may seem a little disconcerting. Be at peace. All is well.

The 2nd has to do with fear and to part three of the keys when it comes to fear.

The power of these beliefs is such that any goal is attainable despite your current position, education, skill or connection to the world without. Study & application give one the freedom to disregard the current physical situation that is resident and instead allows them to live the life that seek unencumbered by any resolution previously perceived. This allows the impossible to be possible, thus ushering any fears out to its place, in a quiet corner, only to be released in time of true, rare occasion of emergency in an act of protection, thus, love. Only through this practice does fear take its rightful place of love. Knowledge gives fear this gift. Practice is the only vehicle to usher fear to this place of love and security, thus transforming the place of perceived evil to its role of guardian. Here, fear becomes a loving partner.


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