Week 4 of the Master Key Master Mind Alliance

Catch up. Hurry. Run.

Wait. Stop. Listen. You are not behind.

The first is the pattern of my old life.

The second is the new pattern I am creating.

The colors are everywhere.

The signs are everywhere. Everywhere I go, I see crumbs.

Crumbs everywhere I go. It might be on Periscope, it might be on blab, it might be on a post or in a song, on a billboard or even a picture. The crumbs are signs that I am on the right path, that I am growing into the person that I intend to be. The picture of who I consciously am becoming is coming clearer and clearer into view. Evidence that the World Within is emerging and blending with the World Without. The changes are coming and soon my life will be more of the life that I have dreamed of and more; more than I could have ever imagined.

How will this come? Through service to others, through the knowing that when a service is done with good to all involved, it is never a wasted task, as little as it may seem. No matter how minute, it counts toward the great reward that come to those who give of their time with a joyful heart, since a mumbling spirit cannot be connected to the infinite mind, where all power is derived.



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