Master Keys Week 9: What’s in a number?




Numbers, numbers, everywhere!

It has been my experience in this 9th week, especially, that these numbers keep popping up into my view ALL day long. What does it mean? You can look up the numbers if you wish, but you may or may not choose to believe what you are reading. What do they mean to me? Confirmation. I like to call them crumbs along the path. The path of life. It is a sign that I am going the right way, following my bliss, allowing my compass to lead me instead of the calendar or the clock.


I have been given clues on the part of people who have crossed into my life to let me know so key areas I needed to pay attention to. Some may say, including me, that I have manifested them into my life. Even the people who have arrived, have acknowledged this fact themselves. It might be spooky to some, but I look at is as it has been a LONG time in coming. I am on the edge of truly living my life. I am reaching the top of the roller coaster and about to do down, FAST! Watch out! Here I come!

Happy Trails,



2 thoughts on “Master Keys Week 9: What’s in a number?

  1. ktmasterkey

    It is amazing how there are certain “threads” of evidence in our lives when we concentrate on something. Whether numbers, as in your case, repetitive objects, or circumstances that appear related, they are there as a reminder that you are being listened to. BTW – You also have a great voice, Alicia.



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