Master Keys Week 10:

Are you connected??

Clearly the mind is an antenna, a receiver, much like a radio whose channel is chosen by what frequency it is tuned to. What is YOUR radio tuned into? What channel are you allowing your mind to tune into. Read the following passages and you will see that effect that listening to what is not in your best interest will do!

19. If your thought is in harmony with the creative Principle of Nature, it is in tune with the Infinite Mind, and it will form the circuit, it will not return to you void; but it is possible for you to think thoughts that are not in tune with the Infinite, and when there is no polarity, the circuit is not formed. What, then, is the result? What is the result when a dynamo is generating electricity, the circuit is cut off and there is no outlet? The dynamo stops.

20. It will be exactly the same with you, if you entertain thoughts which are not in accordance with the Infinite and cannot therefore be polarized; there is no circuit, you are isolated, the thoughts cling to you, harass you, worry you, and finally bring about disease and possibly death; the physician may not diagnose the case exactly in this way, he may give it some fancy name which has been manufactured for the various ills which are the result of wrong thinking, but the cause is the same nevertheless.

Are you tuning in or tuning out? Recently, I had a conversation with my friend about The Walking Dead. I explained that one of the reasons I liked to watch the show was that is reminded me of the unconscious people walking around like zombies, trying desperately to eat anyone “alive” in order to satiate their hunger for fresh blood. When a person is bit, they too, turn into flesh eating zombies, diseased with desire to eat the humans left alive. Is it not the same when conscious human beings, in an attempt to better themselves, are ripped apart by the unconscious in an effort to satiate their need to comply with societal demands and conditioning?  It is one and the same.


1 thought on “Master Keys Week 10:

  1. gabemasterkey

    The analogy is very true. I’m now going to start picturing people as zombies… The challenge is to help them become human again without getting bitten!



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