Master Key Week 11: Enjoy the ride

Buckle up,  our ride is about to begin. Make sure you’re buckled in tight. We’re in for the ride of our lives. Where are we going? When? That’s all up to you.  Our journey is like a road and you can choose to clutter the road or clear the road and make way a straight path to your dreams. So here we are, on the path, you are all set to go. Along comes a great gust of wind,  bringing down a mighty oak that falls right across your path! Where did  that oak come from? How did it get there? That mighty oak fell down in your path because it was brought down by small, consistent chips at its bark.

Every little blow brought it closer and closer to its demise until it finally fell across your path, stopping your progress forward. You might ask yourself what caused the chips  to occur in the trunk to make it fall down? It was the chips of doubt, worry, feelings of unworthiness,  negativity, envy, not being enough,greed. Every little blow, howsoever small, compromised the life of that tree and the progress of your journey.  What’s a person to do? You have two options here. You can either think about the benefit of the tree falling down or you can continue to allow chips to happen, perhaps in the road, causing the road to fall from beneath you into even deeper peril. Let’s take the path of least resistance and follow the law of LEAST EFFORT. The tree fell…ok…at least it didn’t fall on me or my car! (I am safe) My path is obstructed. Perhaps I am being kept from further harm  (I am loved) Truth is being spoken here. Feelings of calm come over you and before you know it, suddenly a tree service appears, with all their trucks, on their way to their tree service appointment,  just around the corner! They really need to get to their client! Out come the men with their chain saws, their crane and theit safety straps! FREE of charge. The universe IS on your side.  You are on your way! Now you realize a better way to keep your path clear! Keep your happy thoughts,  tell yourself the truth! You are whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy…and it’s your choice to stay that way every single day you choose.

It’s your day



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