The One True Gift

It’s Christmas Eve 2015. Everything is quiet. The calm before the storm. In the quiet, there is peace. A time for true reflection of what truly is. My daughter asked me yesterday about the true meaning of Christmas. She is at that age where she thinks about why things are the way they are. (There are times I scold her for going overboard in this department, but there are times I truly enjoy our dialogue. This time was one of them.)

“The true meaning of Christmas is giving,” I explained. “It’s the time when we give in remembrance of when God sent down his only son as the perfect sacrifice for our sins, which, when He died, tore the veil that stood between God and man, giving us free access to God, through that sacrifice!” It’s the greatest gift ever given!! I also told her that is why we say; “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!” We are speaking to the soul or Spirit of our being, the part which IS whole, IS perfect, IS strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!!! When we use that affirmation, we create a space where the soul and the body meet as one. Creating as perfect a being as had ever been found.  Here’s where the world meets the saint, the hero, the enlightened one. Jesus told us that after He left,  we would do even greater things than He. It’s all up to us to have faith, see it as true, and walk in our own truth. Will you give yourself that gift today?

Merry Christmas!




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