Master Mind Key Week 14


If you know me well, you know one of my favorite movies is Rudy. I love everything about it. Always have, always will. THIS time I watched Rudy, I got the chance to experience the movie in a whole new way. Why? It is all due to my master guides, who, without influence of any kind, show me the way to find the truth about the Master Mind Way of life.

The first thing I noticed about Rudy was his drive, his Definite Major Purpose…play ball for Notre Dame. He even has his best friend, Pete, by his side, believing him all the way. He had two things that it takes to manifest his dream: desire & heart…and oh yes..enthusiasm. He would watch the games on his TV with his family and listen to the head coach with such fervor, that he would memorize his speeches and repeat them outloud to himself, imagining that he would actually be there to hear it himself.

Rudy barely got by in school and when it was time to take the college tour to Notre Dame, a priest at his Catholic school actually dissuaded him, saying that college was not meant for everyone, barring his entry to the school bus taking the students to the campus. No matter. He was playing ball. He skipped school for the first couple of years after HS, opting to work in the steel mill with his family.

On his 22nd birthday, Pete came through again in support & belief, when he showed up at lunch with a present for Rudy. An authentic Notre Dame Jacket that just happened to be at the 2nd hand shop that Pete entered, in search of the perfect birthday gift for Rudy. Always in belief of Rudy’s dream, the two masterminded their plan for Rudy’s entrance to the beloved school. Having saved up enough money for part of his schooling, he shared his plan to leave the mill and attend school. The plan was set. Rudy would go to school. He hurried to tell his plans to his family, he scoffed at him in disbelief. How? It just wasn’t possible on so many levels. No matter. Rudy had a plan.

Then, tragedy struck. The mill had a meltdown and an explosion that took out the only person who ever believed in him. His beloved friend Pete. His mastermind alliance was gone. When this tragedy hit, did Rudy let his dreams die? Did he let everyone distract his from his dream by hitting him over and over and over with constant doses of “reality”? No! Never! Just as Og Mandino in Scroll 3 describes the bull that charges the picador in the ring, Rudy uses his friend’s death as a springboard to propel him forward by living out the legacy the two dreamed of in their mastermind. This personal pivotal need, legacy, DROVE Rudy away from “reality”toward his dream into the dark night of uncertainty. Alone. A hero’s journey for sure.

Even upon arrival to the school, he was met with doubt, but because of his determination, the spark in his eye, the dream in his heart, a little crack of light came through in the form of an opportunity. The universe was acting on his behalf. Only through action forward, onward toward the goal at ALL costs, was a breakthrough found. It was only after 2 long years of dedication, study, alliances and friendships, did Rudy find success. On his last shot into Notre Dame, he finally received the answer he had been waiting for his entire life. He did it. All the hard work paid off. He officially became a student at Notre Dame University!  He was so excited to return home to his family to share the good news. He hurried to his Dad, who met him with further doubt, further discouragement. He even found his old girlfriend, who had given into societal conditioning, was not dating Rudy’s brother! Her need to be married was greater than her belief in Rudy’s dream, so in her sadness at Rudy’s leaving, turned to his brother for consolation and companionship. The movie never goes there, but I have to wonder if she ever regretted making that decision. What a true champion Rudy proved to be in the end!  Even if he never made the team, his drive, his determination, made him a true winner. One any woman would be proud to call her husband for life. What did Rudy do? He did the only thing he could! Go from that place of disbelief ,to be alone with his thoughts, to the quiet place…so that he could continue to find his dream, unhindered by the dream sucking thoughts of those he called family.

He chose to go away from those people who, his whole life, told him what he could or couldn’t do! He wasn’t going to do that any more!!

He was so determined, he was willing to work for free, become homeless and alone just to get the chance to live his dream. He sacrificed all! A potential wife, a potential home, security, all the societal comforts that life can bring if you choose. Now , honestly, for some, those things are a dream come true, but not for Rudy. His dreams were much bigger than that. Along every step of the way, adversity was there to kick him down. No matter, to Rudy. He saw his goal. Get on that field and PLAY….and play he did. He never stopped believing and he got what he came to do. Play ball for Notre Dame. Why? It was because his belief in others was so great that others went out of their way to allow circumstances to take place on his behalf.  It was because his belief was so great in himself that the universe went out of its way to create a door which opened for him, that lead to a legacy that no one  had been able to duplicate quite like Rudy did.

He believed and he did the impossible.

Here’s the greatest reali



5 thoughts on “Master Mind Key Week 14

  1. masterkeyssquevedo

    Rudy is one of my favorite movies. While reading your post, I could visualize every scene like I just finished watching it again. You did a great job on pointing out the 4 tiny habits that are, oh, so huge!



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