Nothing, yet everything

Sometimes,  when it seems as if nothing is going on at all, that things are always happening!


Watch this great video to prove my point:

Amazing, right? So even if you’re doing nothing,  you’re always doing something!

History of the past and hope for the future; it’s all in there!

Besides a miracle that we are, it is vital for us to realize that in order for us to thrive both physically and our health and financially we must always control our thoughts. Here is what Haanel says in paragraph 22 from chapter 15 of his keys:

22. Words may become mental places that will live forever, or they may become shacks which the first breeze will carry away. They may delight the eye as well as the ear; they may contain all knowledge; in them we find the history of the past as well as the hope of the future; they are living messengers from which every human & superhuman activity is born.

Know that you are a miracle of God’s creation and that you can do amazing things today!



One thought on “Nothing, yet everything

  1. mkmmajean

    So, no matter what it looks like, we are quite busy. We want to make sure we’re building strong places that will live forever instead of weak shacks that will blow away in a breeze. It’s all found in the Silence.

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