Alicia Bozza

January 23, 2016

Who do you whorship? When we think of the word worship,  what comes to mind? Most people think of God or of a God of some sort. They’ll think of a place of worship, a venue where said worship would take place.

Who do you worship?

You may think it is a religious kind of thing,  but a closer look will show you a completely different story.

Cars, schooling, reputation, vacations, homes, things…what do you gain in their worship? Does the value placed in them bring lasting good?  What happens when they rust, break,  fade, falter? Where does that leave you? What do you really have left?  Yes, the memories will always remain,  but unless you have an inner knowing that all that you need,  the key to true happiness, lies in your right thinking, in the knowledge that all you need to know is right there between your ears, all is lost. Life becomes not even worth living.

What is, then,  a person to do? It is essential that a person quiets the mind with its chatter, and gives permission to inner workings of the mind,  that which is connected to the Universal spirit within us all, and allow it to speak to our mind,  a soothing balm to our wounded souls.

Once that allowing occurs, the release appears, the loosening that gives permission for joy to seep through,  no matter what is happening on the outside. NO matter what. This allowing, gives an insight to the wounded soul, allowing it to seek good in bad, beautiful in ugly, happiness in a sad situation. You can have “the peace that passes all understanding” by that very allowing. It’s all up to you.  Don’t you know it IS all about YOU? It is! It’s not selfish! It’s all about ne, too!! There is room for all. When you come to that realization, you will find your peace. You will have arrived at the next level in life, ready to sojourn to the next and then the next.

To the journey,



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