Week 17 Master Keys The Hero’s Journey

Simply say it outloud. The Hero’s Journey. What comes to mind? Adventure? Excitement? Accomplishment? How about sacrifice, anticipation, fear? It is all of those things and more. Sacrifice is the first. The Hero chooses to give up a part of his or her life to embark on the journey. There is sacrifice in the energy put out to go forward to reach the dream. What does that entail? Leaving the comfort, sometimes love or perceived love of others to take a chance to listen to that call. What is the most courageous part of the journey? The first step into the unknown that starts the journey with the faith that one will have the guts to make it to the end. There is a perceived loss at the beginning, and one will not know until the end if he or she  had taken the correct path that will lead them where they need to go. What does the hero need to stay on the path, why a compass, of course, used to guide the hero on his or her way. The compass, when pointed correctly, will guide the hero every step of the way. Without the compass, the hero has no clue in what direction to to turn, losing his or her way, not knowing where to turn, using the sun to guide him; but doing that will only delay their arrival, frustrating them and causing them to falter, give up or fail. When properly guided, all will come to light and the hero will arrive when it is the proper time. What the hero needs to know, is that even in the loss of the compass, they are perfectly on time, since the timing was all part of the plan, reward for the fact that they have taken the time to take that leap of faith, take that first step. Have you taken the journey? You might want to go and find your compass today.



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