About Alicia Bozza

Hello! My name is Alicia and I am glad you are here!  I am grateful to have this journey we call life. My life has been gifted to me along with a husband who loves and a brood of offspring. 8 to be exact, but 7 that I got to hold. One of them, my 4th, slipped away before we even knew she was coming. Life was kind to me in the loss and for that I am grateful. We live in the Northern part of NJ in one of the quaintest towns you ever wanted to see. We are small and very beautifully set, up on a hill.

JOY of song makes my heart beat. I am blessed to receive the podium as a well loved friend each and every week. It is my joy to visit even more as I am continue my professional career as a Soprano. Creativity is key in my life. I have an artistic eye (you can see on Instagram!) HERE! & you can hear me sing on You Tube, too: Here!

It is my pleasure to share with those whom I love, (most everyone- working on that) on Periscope Click Here and Blab click here! as  the Host of Blab Today For a Better Tomorrow.  I love to share and I am lucky that most people love to listen. My goal is to further my music career and shine the light of abundance through changing thoughts and taking correct action to guide oneself to their dreams.


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