Press Release: My Grammy Experience

he house was silent. The phone rang with pierce that could have shattered glass. “It’s THEM!” I shriek as I run to get the phone.

It’s the call. The call I have been waiting for, dreaming of. It’s my management team with the news.  I have been chosen. I quickly grab the phone and scurry back with the receiver to my desk where my bulletproof Hot Chocolate is still hot and not yet finished. “Ring!!” The receiver is still ringing in my hand as I adjust myself in my leather chair. “Hello?” I casually answer as if I wasn’t expecting any important calls. “Are you sitting??” I hear, as I settle the phone to my ear. “yes” I reply calmly but comically, since I already know this is the good news I have been waiting to hear.  “You’ve been chosen! The Committee has made their decision.” I made it. I officially am a Grammy Nominated Recording Artist!!  I am so excited!  My thoughts go straight to who my stylist will be. Lecia Clay! Award winning stylist will know just how to make me look like the true star that I am. I call her immediately to tell her the wonderful news. Clothes, jewels, baubles, shoes, hose, undergarments, all chosen, limo hired, bubbly chilled. Photographer fussing over my perfect makeup application and hair. Bulb flash as I walk the mini red carpet from my front door to the Limo. The kids are so excited and proud. Many of my neighbors show up for my send off. Settled now in my limo, I text Mark Victor Hansen to be sure to meet us at Radio City Music Hall with his darling wife.  SO very  blessed to be able to fulfill the promise I made to Victor the first time I “met” him on The limo ride is so quick into the city. In a flash we arrive to the “real” Red Carpet. “Alicia! Alicia!” “Over here! Flashes go off, over and over. My dream has really come true. Part of me can die in peace, yet I know there is so much more to come. Carpe Diem!